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Talk about walkie talkie antenna

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As we all know, a center frequency, such as 400-470MHz or 400-420mhz, will be marked in the antenna of the walkie talkie. What is the center frequency of Interphone Antenna?

       The central frequency of the Interphone Antenna generally refers to the resonant frequency of the antenna. If measured from the spectrometer, the resonant point has a range, not that the central point is only at 435 MHz. According to the antenna size, the resonant bandwidth is different. Theoretically, the thicker the antenna oscillator diameter, the wider the bandwidth, for example, The nominal bandwidth of FRP antenna is 10 MHz, that is, assuming that the center point is 435 MHz, its bandwidth can resonate between 430-440. The working frequency band of the antenna should be proportional to the working frequency band of the transmitter and receiver to ensure the transmission efficiency and reception sensitivity.

      Next, I will sort out the central frequency point and the best working frequency band of various types of antenna products, so that you can easily change the antenna and select the corresponding parameters in your daily use:

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