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Chihiro launched the world's largest Beidou high-precision positioning road survey

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On July 31, the beidou-3 global satellite navigation system was officially completed and put into operation. We also have a big move - Chihiro positionTo promote Beidou high precisionThe large-scale application of positioning technology in the field of intelligent driving has accelerated the landing. Recently, the world's largest Beidou high-precision positioning road test has been launched to verify the actual positioning performance on all expressways and expressways in major cities after "boarding" the space-time intelligent capability based on Beidou ground-based enhancement system and satellite based enhancement system.


On July 31, Chihiro also announced that the "national one network" of the Beidou foundation enhancement system was upgraded again. On the basis of covering most regions of the country before, it realized the synchronous and full coverage of the national expressway network to "pave the way" for intelligent driving.


△ on July 20, Chihiro position intelligent drivingMass production of high-precision positioning service findauto in Guangzhou Roadcondition


The road test lasts for nearly one year. The test vehicle will carry the self-developed space-time intelligent algorithm of Chihiro location and Beidou high-precision positioning service, and run all over the country's expressways and major urban expressways, test for multiple scenarios with different weather and altitude, and constantly verify and iterate algorithms and services.Previously, Chihiro has completed 300000 km of high-precision positioning road survey.


According to the current test results, the real-time dynamic positioning accuracy of the test vehicle can reach up to 2 cm, which can well meet the extensive needs of intelligent driving above L3 level and vehicle road coordination, and realize Lane level navigation.The so-called Lane level navigation means that vehicles not only know which road they are driving, but also can distinguish which lane they are driving in.

△ on July 20, Chihiro position intelligent driving mass produced high-precision positioning service findauto was tested in Guangzhou


In the evolution of intelligent driving technology, high-precision positioning technology has become a core element. The industry is generally aware that,High precision positioning can greatly improve the stability and safety of intelligent driving in complex environments such as bad weather


2020 is the "first year" of Beidou's large-scale application. Among them, in the field of intelligent driving, whether it is based on Beidou's high-precision space-time intelligent infrastructure or applications, they are accelerating the upgrading and landing.


In terms of infrastructure, Chihiro has built more than 2600 Beidou foundation enhancement stations across the country, forming a "national network" of the national Beidou foundation enhancement system.By July 2020, the high-precision positioning service of Chihiro location has achieved synchronous full coverage of the national expressway network, including the newly opened G7 expressway connecting Beijing and Xinjiang


In terms of application, on June 17, the first Beidou high-precision positioning 5g v2x intelligent vehicle was officially launched. Relying on the Beidou high-precision space-time intelligent service provided by Chihiro location, the positioning accuracy of GAC new energy e'an V reaches centimeter level, making driving safer and more reliable.This year, a number of intelligent vehicles equipped with Chihiro position Beidou high-precision positioning capability will be mass produced and listed


At present, Chihiro location is the only time-space intelligent capability provider with full coverage, all scene and all-weather service capability in China. Using the new generation technologies such as Beidou high-precision positioning and timing, the findauto time-space engine of Chihiro location has reached the vehicle specification level mass production capacity, which is L2 Level 5 highway automatic cruise, level L3 high-speed intelligent driving, or level L4 unmanned autonomous parking in specific scenes provide accurate, reliable and safe high-precision space-time absolute benchmark.


In addition to intelligent driving applications, Beidou is entering various application scenarios, including surveying and mapping, intelligent city, public service and industry upgrading.


Chen Jinpei, CEO of Chihiro position, said that Beidou is not only a satellite navigation system deployed at high altitude, but also a major national space-time infrastructure closely related to every common people. With such infrastructure, everything can achieve higher resolution and perception of time and space,Chihiro location will better promote the application of Beidou, benefit all parties from Beidou global services and bring space-time intelligence to global partners

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